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JCC Greater Boston's summer camps are about so much more than fun in the sun. Our camps, which had almost 3,000 campers this summer, are about creating connection, building a personal Jewish identity, and training CITs and counselors. Campers develop a sense of self-confidence, camaraderie, compassion, and play.

JCC Greater Boston is committed to providing scholarship assistance so families and children can enjoy the camp experience regardless of their financial situation. Because of the known quality of our camp program and our skill at including campers of all abilities there has been increased demand each year. Overall, almost one-third of our camp families receive scholarship support. While we are able to offer some level of financial aid to all families who request it, we do not have enough funds available to meet all of the need. Our goal is to meet the entire demand, but it has become increasingly challenging to provide the necessary level of support to all those who want to come to JCC camps and have financial need. In many cases, this support makes the difference in their ability to participate in the transformative camp experience.

With your gift today, you support a remarkable program of learning, engagement, and summer fun for thousands of children from all around greater Boston. Thank you.